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Smart, Sexy and Secretive

Smart, Sexy and Secretive - Tammy Falkner I enjoyed this book a lot for the most part. Even though it's still technically Logan and Emily's story we get to see plenty of the other brothers which is always a plus. I love every single member of that crazy caring family and can't get enough of them.
Logan and Emily have a lot of adjusting to do, now that they're both in school and in very different places on the social ladder and not everyone is as happy as the Reed family about their relationship once Emily returns to NYC. There was lots of drama (the good kind) and there was never a boring minute.
Like I said, I liked most of this book. However, there's one thing that seemed pretty unrealistic/cheesy to me: And that's the change in Emily's dad. The story starts out with him being very unhappy about Emily's plans to go to Juilliard. In his opinion she's not fit to go to school and with her dyslexia it's just a waste of time. She should get married (to someone who's worth her family's net worth of course) and basically be arm candy/a trophy wife for some rich asshole. Nothing has changed about his attitude towards Emily's wishes. And of course he hates Logan on sight and even goes so far as to bring Emily's ex boyfriend Trip to New York and make him her roommate. Trip is just as arrogant as Emily's father and it was easy to hate both of them. So far so good. I hated them but every story needs its villain and these two fit the bill perfectly. But then the author had to go and ruin it for me when Emily's father did a total 180 after hearing one of her songs. Admittedly, that songhas was about him and the way he treated his daughter throughout the years but it still felt very exxagerated and pretty cheesy. It even went so far that I thought for a while Emily was only dreaming. After that (and one other incident) he was a different man. Nice for Emily and Logan but not really believable.
Other than that it was a good read and I'm really looking forward to the other brothers' books.