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Love: And Other Uses for Duct Tape - Carrie Jones 2,5/5

Heads up! SPOILERS!

I'm sorry to say that this book has been kind of a disappointment to me which is really sad because I loved the prequel.
It actually started out pretty good: it had the same unconventional indie-style as the first book and tons of great characters, especially Em and Tom. But I just couldn't bring myself to like Belle anymore. She's selfish, self-centered and a bunch of other egoistic things. That actually becomes a pretty important theme towards the end but by then it was too late and I was already really annoyed by her. Belle keeps worrying about every little thing and to be honest, I would almost call her depressed. She's picking everything apart and even if something happy or beautiful happens she's incapable of just taking it this way and enjoy it.
And worst of all, after establishing that Belle is kind of selfish and has to let things go, the story ends just there, with her being all happy with who she is now. But the actual story got no conclusion, which sucked because that was what I really wanted to know since I was a little annoyed with Belle (despite the fact that there was a lot of Tom ;).
And that's a shame because the plot definitely had potential. I just don't think it was fair to the other characters to have this sort of an open ending. That's probably a matter of taste though.